Friday, October 4, 2013


I wanted to address some more "Frequently Asked Questions", clearly much has changed with my training plan and lifestyle diet. I'm really happy where I'm at right now its probably the most happiest place I have found as far as balance since I've discovered the competitive stage. 

1.     What is your lifting and cardio routine?

As time went by day in and day out of hard training I started to struggle with recovery not just physically but emotionally too. I was constantly sore but I seriously became immune to those feelings I would push through workouts I wouldn't listen to my body if it needed rest I just kept on truckin'! Up until recently I went from 6x/week lifting with 5x/week cardio conditioning (HIIT cardio, track sprints, kickboxing, etc.), I rested about 2x/month that's it which came out to 1x every other week. I currently have been advised by a very knowledgeable coach that its time to deload in phases (reduce intensity in phases and bring back up my intensity to make new strength gains). Therefore I now currently lift 4x/week with 4x/week cardio conditioing. This my friends is so hard for me because my Rx is to rest 3x/week. It's been so difficult for me. I feel ancy and it kinda proved to me how much I was feeding my addiction and love for the weights although I was worn out. I'm excited to bring my deadlifts and squats with this new resting routine.

2. How do you figure out your diet?

I don't really like to tell you what I'm eating to the T because it works for me and it may not work for you. The way I figure out my diet is based on my activity level. I train a lot and very heavy (4-8 reps ranges). I need more carbohydrates. I've attempted once in the past to try low carb but it doesn't work for me. The brain needs a minimum of 100g carbs to function normally. Therefore if you eat under 100g you may or may not notice that you become irritable and/or foggy brain until it passes but for me it never passed. Therefore my diet is catered to fuel my workouts. I eat to train well. I don't train to eat what I want I love my food and I enjoy it very much.

3.     Do you have cheat meals?

My diet is super flexible so no technically I don't cheat because I eat what I want. As long as it falls in line within my macro nutrient goals then technically its not cheating. For example, if I'm craving pancakes from Ihop I'll go eat them in place of my normal bowl of oats and fruit. For me it's a carbohydrate source for another, this is just what works for me. Don't get me wrong I understand completely the difference between one being more nutritious. However, in reality its calories > macros > nutrition. What does that mean? It means don't eat more than you burn so you don't gain weight, when you get the hang of that make what you eat count as in enough protein, fats, and carbs, then when you get the hang of that try to make what you eat nutritious and full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

4.  How often do you eat, and how many times per day?

I love this question because if I had known that its complete bullshit that eating every blah blah blah speeds up blah blah blah. I have squashed this myth about a year ago and it was the best thing I ever discovered for myself. I don’t have a set schedule anymore. I eat when I want I just make sure I eat enough at the end of my day. I used to eat 6x/day NOW I eat 4x/day or sometimes 5x. I eat before my workout, after my workout, dinner, and after dinner. I'm a night eater so I like most of my food towards the end of my day it helps put me to sleep and makes me feel satisfied.

5. What is a reefed?

I currently reefed every 10 days, its a day where I purposely eat more. Please read this article and understand what it means I really can't explain it as well as this article.

6. Do you eat fruit?

Yes I do eat fruit, I STILL believe that fruit has a lot of sugar it really does but its definitely more nutritious than real sugar so I eat once piece a day I don't crave fruit that much. My favorites are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries.

7. What do you struggle with the most?

SLEEP! Please help me find it! It's my own fault I think too much, I can't rest my mind. I also struggle with rest, I'm working on it. I'm the type of person who books appointments back to back when its completely not necessary so I'm working on making more time for myself.

If you haven't read this blog I posted back in March I think you'll find it useful as well...


  1. Are you gluten free?


    How many calories do you eat per day (I promise, NO hate from he I just think it might help me because I seem similar to you)?

    What are your macro ratios (again I promise NO hate I understand it works for you and it might not work for me, but you never know!)?

  2. Hi Anonymous, No I am not gluten free, no I am not vegetarian, I do not count calories they vary daily, I try to eat 1g/lb of bodyweight in protein and I eat veggies and every meal :) Hope this helps